~ tangible intangible ~

Andrea Macias-Yañez is a visualist, 3d artist and maybe architect -- swimming between the real and unreal world of the virtual -- based in Berlin

*A Gusto Production*

~ Blind Spot pt.1 ~

andrea k. macias-yañez


Grey, beige, fluorescent cream, yellow with a hint of green. The columns blend into walls, hugging the vinyl tiling that guide the pedestrian to a classroom. This palette provided a challenge to the 3d scanning methodology developed at the Scan Research stage. A series of corridors were captured while one walked through them: from the classroom to the bathroom, to the auditorium, lab, elevator...

( Walking path with points where images were taken )

Movement, an aspect of spatial experience is tested. The production of faulty scans is a process that begins to identify the limitations of architectural visualization in order to explore new territories of spatial understanding. The 3d corridors are not meant to be a reproduction but rather 3d data that provides a ‘frozen’ image of how the corridor transforms as one experiences it.

( extracted corridor pieces )

Now the monotone makeup of the corridor morph into cave-like, ambiguous shapes that highlight its fixtures: the water fountain, bathroom sign, exit sign, etc. It becomes another version of itself, stuck in a frozen moment. The architectural image is now malleable and through the this image-making process the question asked is: how can stillness and movement come to a collaborative state?