~ tangible intangible ~

Andrea Macias-Yañez is a visualist, 3d artist and maybe architect -- swimming between the real and unreal world of the virtual -- based in Berlin

*A Gusto Production*

~ Blind Spot pt.2 ~

andrea k. macias-yañez


Architecture rendering wishes to seduce the eye to its ‘realness’ but it is rather a reflection of software proficiency. Instead of seeking the reproduction of reality this corridor project formulates images that are suspended in a liminal state between real and virtual. Here, software proficiency abuses and exaggerates the flaws of 3d scanning to create a new novel realization of a corridor.

Using tools that desire to replicate objects are used against themselves in order to visualize a new kind of digital vision. This vision inserts movement into static 3d meshes in order to hint at a new system of representation that highlights process and not the final rendered image of quasi-reality. This methodology is against systematic operation and desires to sway the consumption of images towards the unnoticed. To create a method for new discoveries.