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Andrea Macias-Yañez is a visualist, 3d artist and maybe architect -- swimming between the real and unreal world of the virtual -- based in Berlin

*A Gusto Production*

~ Fabrications ~

andrea k. macias-yañez

Rebirth of the Bath HousePrivilege & MelancholyA Month in Making

A variety of fabricated objects were part of Schumacher’s presentation of the Rebirth of the Bath House in Mac Lyon and Bortolami. These objects included SLA models, CNC mill plaques and rubber lithographic prints. Process images were collaged onto the surfaces of milled and rubber prints.

For Schumacher's Privilege and Melancholy at Johan Berggren, I was in charge of a fabricating conceptual objects based on his childhood home. The process involved 3d modeling the front stoop onto a series of ordinary objects, such as a bucket and cables.

For A Month of Making, a Mark Leckey travelling exhibition presented at Gavin Brown Enterprise, I was part of a team that ran four Formlab printers. We produced miniature replicas of his previous works, as well as small pieces of larger models that were later assembled. Leckey’s rendition of the Capitoline dog is one work that I helped print and assemble during the exhibition period.

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