~ tangible intangible ~

Andrea Macias-Yañez is a visualist, 3d artist and maybe architect -- swimming between the real and unreal world of the virtual -- based in Berlin

*A Gusto Production*

~ Story Time ~

andrea k. macias-yañez


Mushrooms flourishing on moist concrete, broken fire hydrants and concrete aggregate. Exploring the contrast between photographs and CGI to generate new narratives out of the documentation of an already lived event. A collaged abstraction to create myth pertaining to the ‘happening’ being displayed back onto the viewer.

A series of brief reflections on the visceral aftertaste of meals. Modeled after herbariums, intimate moments that produce acts of eating are embodied into digital mementos. The collection conveys a story of its precious temporality and then reviewed, recaptured, restructured through the agnostic optics of CGI. Documented image is now adjusted to technological context, unraveling taste-memory within the ubiquity of virtuality.

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Story Time;
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